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Barefoot and Pregnant: The Socialization of the Educated Korean Woman

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Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Socialization
Chapter 3 Marriage
Chapter 4 Education
Chapter 5 Work
Chapter 6 Conclusion


SF Fitness

Part I:     Motivation (coming soon)
Part II:    Cardiovascular Training
Part III:    Strength (coming soon)
Part IV:    Conclusion (coming soon)


About the Art and Culture of Korea

Now available in MS eBook format - Download it here!
About Korean Celadon
The Age of Celadon
Evaluating Korean celadon - Old and Modern
Bun-cheong: The Lost Art
Tal-nori: The Korean Mask Performance
About Korean Paintings
Tea and the Korean Tea Ceremony


Articles about Korea and Asia:

The Korean Alphabet - an Introduction

Consonant; "" sounds like the letter H as in hotel.
Vowel; "" sounds like the letter A as in father.
And the "" here in the final position sounds like a K.
History and Form
Syllable Positions
Handy Word and Phrase List
Korean Alphabet Chart
Grammar Notes
Here the letter "" sounds like G because it is in the initial position in the syllable.
Between the two consonants is the vowel ""; it is represented by a U and sounds like the oo in Pool.
And the "" here in the final position sounds like a K.

The Business of "IE"

The Cause of and Events Leading up to the Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895)

Careers and the Asian Woman: Japan and Korea Compared

The Korean Family in Transition

Converging Paths-Korean and U.S. Women

The Inevitability of the Opium War

The Institutionalized Oppression of the Korean Woman


A New Concept of Law

"The Sorceress" Reading Between the Lines

Syngman Rhee and the Withdrawal of U.S. Troops

Wang Chung


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