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             Above all else, I would like to thank the hundreds of interviewees who both intrigued and enlightened me over the past few years and without whose help this work would not have been possible. Their candid stories, secrets, hopes and fears, which I suspect they dont regularly confess, supplied a major portion of the ideas I explored in this writing. Regrettably, I cannot name them all individually but they know who they are.

             James Pentland was also instrumental in supplying me with many of his subtle insights into the motivations behind some of the current Korean institutions, without which I may have never been inspired to investigate this topic. I also owe thanks for some of my data and statistical information to Shin Moonja for always thinking of me and my subject when roaming libraries I did not have access to, and for helping with the gathering of vital statistical data through personal interviews. Kim Mi-suks technical expertise with human goal setting, desires, needs and their treatment was also of great benefit to me and helped me to understand the basic human conditions underlying personal motivations. And finally I would like to thank Dr. Hwang Pilhong for many thought provoking, and philosophically stimulating conversations, and Catherine Smith and Sean MacFarland for their hours of tireless proofreading and recommendations on the readability and structure of this writing.